Services We Provide

Our services range from claims filing and A/R cleanup to full practice management. Our expertise is problem solving for unpaid claims. We will get claims paid quickly and accurately. If you do not get paid, neither do we, so our incentive is strong. You will be provided with the best in patient accounting, from posting and mailing bills to full accounts-receivable operations. With timely reports detailing your accounts, you will keep up-to-date control of your financials.

If you choose to purchase the soft ware that we use it is designed to maximize your practice’s efficiency. It is web-based software that allows you to schedule your patients and enter all of the insurance information, referrals and preauthorization numbers on line.

Service’s Provided:

  • Electronic Claims Filing
  • Full Practice Management
  • Collections
  • Patients Statements
  • Credentailing
  • Daily Courier Service